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Lesson Duration

40 minutes.



Lesson title

Understanding the alphabet and singing.

Suggested Grade Level

Years Prep-One


Children have the ability to extend their sound and letter recognition through an interactive lesson.

Singing and memorising the alphabet.

Working in groups of twelve children will play off in an interactive typing game/race, followed by a spelling bee game/race.

Developmental Domains:


Working in groups of twelve.

Singing the 'Five Little Monkeys', 'Alphabet', 'Hello' and 'Goodbye' song in a collaborative classroom environment.


Fine motor skills, computer usage, multi-tasking and exercising with warm-up and mid-break activities.


Identification of letters, sequence of letters in the alphabet, ability to place letters with words and memory.


Sounding out words of the alphabet, ability to listen to instructions.

Singing as a class.

Prior Knowledge

Building on concepts, skills and processes developed in earlier years; teachers will revisit and strengthen these as needed (ACARA, 2011).

Ability to recognise each letter sound of the alphabet; not necessarily in correct order.

Working in groups.

Basic computer skills.

Understanding the lyrics to the 'hello song' and 'goodbye song' from previous lesson.


To develop students' knowledge, understanding and skills in listening, reading, viewing, speaking, writing and creating (ACARA, 2011).For children to further familiarise themselves with the basic functions of a computer and the ability to move from one webpage to another. To understand how to use and access webpage links.To recall the alphabet and improve typing skills.To improve spelling.


Pencils and paper.

Computers for each child to access.

Internet loaded and ready for each children to use.

Enough free space around each desk to allow children to exercise and warm-up.


Sit all children at their desk. Explain to the students today's lesson will be learning and singing the ABC, interactive typing and spelling bee game and singing the 'Five Little Monkeys', 'Hello' and 'Goodbye' song.When singing the 'Hello' song students will wave to one another from across the room.Inform students that today's lesson will be on the computer full of interaction and a half way exercise break to look forward too as well as an initial warm-up session.


Children will type the url of the website into the approriate field and view the ABC page. On completion of the song children will click on the 'Home' tab at the top of the page. (ABC page is for teacher's to make sure they are organised and ready for the lesson without students becoming bored or distracted)(First song continues onto 'Lesson PLan' tab to allow teachers to know when the song has completed.Children will follow the words on the screen and sing the 'Hello' song while waving to one another. To maximise the screen click the bottom right icon on the video and 'Esc' when song concludes. Once settled, students will click the 'Activities' tab on the top of the page.There is a brief description on the right side of the page for the students to read (this is to outline the direction to follow)(more suitable for grade one children).After clicking the first picture (located on the far left of the page), students will need to click the 'link' button located on the bottom right corner of the enlarged picture. Follow by clicking the maximise button located in the middle of the top right corner of the new window. Children will then get out of their seats and copy Charli from Hi5's warm-up exercises.Once settled and back at their computers, students will click x on the new window and x on the original picture in order to close down the windows viewed. The second picture (letters of the alphabet) can now be clicked. (Repeat previous steps to open the link and maximise the new window).Children will watch their screens; paying extra attention in the order they appear. Once completed instruct students to press play to rewatch the video; this time participating by calling out each letter.Repeat earlier steps on how to close the two windows.Assuming students are more confident with the letters of the alphabet the next picture can be clicked. Repeat earlier steps on how to open a new window.In this video children will learn how to match the letters of the alphabet with animals and random objects. This will be viewed first and then repeated. (During the second viewing children are to sing the song together). Once completed students are to close down the two screens. On this occasion do not instruct the students step by step how to do this. (They should be competent in doing this without assistance).Students will now begin their first interactive typing game/race. Instruct children to click the next picture. Again, ask students to repeat the process on how to open a new window themselves with no instruction. Walk the classroom and assist where need be.Instruct all children to click the 'typing tab', which is located half way down the screen on the far right. Follow by clicking play on the sky chase game, and play again. A screen will appear and you may read out loud the instructions. When the class is confident, instruct the children to click 'continue'. (Students will individually type their name followed by clicking 'login'). Click 'create game' twice. The game is now ready, click 'start race' and begin.Students need to use their own keyboards to compete in the race game, not the keyboard which appears on the screen.Once game is completed students are to click 'end game'.Students can now click the next picture. (This is located on the second line far left)( A mid-way exercise to keep students fresh; possibly preventing injury and cramp). Follow previous steps on how to open a new window and link. (To participate in this session children need to be standing).Once this activity is completed and students have settled down instruct them to write on a piece of paper the alphabet in order (a great way to test memory and handwriting skills). Formative assessment needed; roam the classroom to assist and monitor students' work.Once completed sudents will use their computers for the next activity ( a second interactive race game). This game will concentrate on listening and spelling skills. Click on the Spelling bee picture to launch the new window and link.This time students are to click the 'language arts' tab; then clicking on the 'spelling bee' game. (Follow the steps as per the typing game/race). When class is ready click start race. Students can click repeat to hear the word again should they forget.Lastly, students will click the 'Goodbye' picture (last picture). Repeat steps on opening a new window. They can sing together as a class by following the words on the screen.


Ask the children to leave their desks and sit on the floor at the front of the class. Ask for everyone's feedback on the lesson and what they liked and disliked - make notes for future reference.

Review and Reflect

Formative classroom environment - continually walking the classroom to supervise that each child is, at a minimum, attempting the instructions and tasks.

How did the exercise work? Was it practical?

Did any students need extra attention?

Was there suitable time to complete the lesson?

Did the students enjoy the lesson in its entirety?

Was the lesson effective in achieving its goals?

Were the instructions easy to follow?

Follow up Lesson

Start of next lesson test each student's recall of the alphabet in its correct order and whether they are able to use a computer and its links unattended.


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Learning the Alphabet

English: Year Prep - One

Lesson: Language - Alphabet Time: 40 minutes

“Children are the world's most valuable resource and its best hope for the future” John Fitzgerald Kennedy

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